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League of Legends lyrics

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QUEEN ELIZABETH lyrics : "League of Legends"

I'm Queen Elizabeth and
I'm going to play some
League of Legends today,
Hmm.. Who should i pick?
I am going to pick Ahri
Because she's sexy like me (I am).

Mid or feed.
Mid or feed.

That waiting took so long.
I am going to pick mana crystal as my first item
Because Ahri needs that early mana.
Why it take so long for the minions to spawn.
What do you mean you need a pull?

*First blood.*
Oh my God.
*Douple kill.*

Need a pull?
Need a pull?
Need a pull?
Need a pull?

You tards fed them so full.
Heimerdinger can one shot me
What the beeb.
I'm afk.
Report my team.
I can't take this any more.
I'm gonna go attack speed Ahri.

Noob bot stop feeding you retards.

Maybe I should try all random all mid.
Here's a game I can join.
Gogogogogo already.

I got Sivir. Leave
I got Mundo. Leave
I got Orianna. Leave
I got Master Yi. Leave
I got Veigar. Leave
I got Brolaf. Leave.
I got Karthus. Leave.
I got Katarina. Leave.
I got Blitzcrank. Leave.
I got Janna. Leave.
I got Ahri. Much better

Someone take mana manipulator I need mana
Because I'm such a carry.
I'm gonna carry so hard
I'm gonna get 30 kills.
Hey don't go so far away from the turrets.
*Quadra kill.*
Beeb you all you Beebs should uninstall.

Tryndamere is OP.

Elo hell exists I tell you.

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