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It's time for me load up that semi
Drake done popped one Molly too many/fake hip hop sell ya soul for one penny/
give a fuck Versace and Gucci and fend
Wu tangs forever like the sun/only thing forever bout drake
is forever 21/ We're i ever in slum ? are u LiL Wayne son?
I thought baby was the daddy of a babies daddy bum/
Hip hop virus male Miley Cyrus/ radio gassed him fuck it they all liars/
My gun so big I sit it on four tires/ spray the AK He vacay fort Myers/
Give a puck about your radio spins/
More concerned about the message that the radio sends/
Lot of blk kids dying while you rappers pretend
/lot mother won't ever see they babies again/ While you sittin with ya friends/
all they want is your ends/Money never made a man /
Just miniature men/minute made fantasies/
And you thinks its a win?/
That young money will never pay for old ass sins/
You not a killea b messing with them
Killer bees would of got drake ass whooped by Odb/
Wonder why you won't be Mcs?/YMCMB just die Take a look In my eye
And see I'm grate like he Ali/
I pay homage to real niggas not field niggas
/racist ass cracka from Tom ford to hilfiger/
Tom ford paid hov just to shout home out
/And I was wonder what was hov talking about/ he was like....TOM FORD
He'll naw I'm strapped up in a old ford Honda accord some shit that I can afford/ hate u main stream rappers I'm sending you to lord/
Bunch of tight ass jeans and Gucci belts in the Morgue
/Molotov a strip club and looking up all the doors/
Riding with some Real AHKIS that know WAR/
Big guns make a nigga twerk and Hit the floor

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