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PROJECT 86 lyrics : "A Toast To My Former Self"

With all those thoughts I've left behind I'm putting to death, no remorse what's pushed inside I'm sealing the fate of this weight, what's left has died With a toast I sigh Taking a piece of a promise that's left for mine Goodbye to this child My loose ends are tied...I see the day bring light You'll see my eyes start to dry Kill the day and fill me, break my past renew me Lift up my head, I'm weary Strip my thoughts and I'll... Kill this day, now fill me Bleed out my wounds, Bleed out my wounds And break free to she'd cocoons My second taste of you is the end All I need to breathe anew I see my breath bringing a place that's so long been past as left All those ways to choke my neck I'm turning my back on those hopeless, failed attempts But now I know what's next I'm sealing the fate of my selfish existence I'm giving my life, no less Pushing on with life from death, no questions left

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