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Fixing My Hair lyrics

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Priscilla Renea lyrics : "Fixing My Hair"

Verse 1
Oh... oh... oh
You understand me like no one else does
You love me perfect that's more than enough
I can't find a flaw in you not even one
I know you'll be here in the long run.
You know the reason i'm so insecure.
And day after day you convince me i;m wrong.
Telling me beauty is neither here or there.
But you understand why i'm fixing my hair

(chorus) cause i'm fixing my hair for you
I want to be beautiful
Even when you tell me i'm so pretty
I need it to hide all my insecurities.
And i'm fixing my hair for you
Just like you like me to
Even when you tell me that you could'nt care less
I'm always fixing my hair
(i'm always fixing fixing my hair)

Verse 2
Hours in the mirror for nothing at all
Staring at my imaginary flaws (imaginary flaws)
Making excuses to fix what aint broke
You make me feel better like only you know... how
Why are we where we are
Someone like me how did we get this far.
When we get older when you're still around
When all of my hair has fallen on the ground


Bridge: please believe me when i say
I don't mean to be so vain
But i've got issues within
What you see when you're with me
Is something i can never be
You gotta understand
All you ever knew was the pretty girl
The funny girl the girl with no worries or cares.
But i've got a lot that i'm hiding inside
That's why i'm fixing my hair.


I'm always fixing my hair.. for you

Even when you tell me that you could'nt care less i'm always fixing my hair.

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Writer(s): Priscilla Renea
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