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Can We lyrics

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Priscilla Renea lyrics : "Can We"

Sometimes i picture you and i in the FUTURE..
Us with two kids, new cars, nice CRIB..
Cant bring myself to tell you about how i FEEL..
i get so intimidated
Dont want you to think im CRAZY..
My only problem is i'm searching for an answer for everybody but YOU..
Will you tell me the TRUTH?
Will you keep it REAL?
Will you tell me what i need to HEAR?

Can we start over
Can we do this right
Can i see the real you
if just for one night
can we be together
I'll do what you asked
Could this last 4ever
Are we moving to fast..
Repeat x1..

Verse 2..
Maybe we should stop and think about how we have fallin off track, whatever happened, happened and we can't take it back..
i think i brought this all upon myself.. i aint tryna blame nobody but it felt good to touch yo body..
i want so badly for there to be something between us, and though it may take sometime, but i promise you from this day on... that imma do whatever i want..

Chorus x2
If i wanna touch you then you'd feel.
If i wanna kiss you then i will..
If i wanna be with you boy ain't nothing stopping me..
So you can get the best of me yea. If i wanna hold you, then youll knw im not gonna hold back any more so i hope your ready cause im prepared to give you everything.. yea yea.. Chorus (until end)

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