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Mellow lyrics

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PRINCE lyrics : "Mellow"

Wanna get lost in the mellow mellow of my mind?
Chop a tree, pay the cost
I'd rather have a glass of U - that's fine
Come on over baby around 7
Chill in your favorite chair
U can watch a tape of this mellow afterparty
Erykah and Common were there
Besides U know it takes awhile 4 me 2 do my hair
Come on get lost in the mellow mellow {x2}
Where U wanna eat 2night, baby?
I know this dope spot called "One Another"
Maybe we might swing by "The Egg"
A perfect place 2 play house - I could smother U
Or I just might be runnin' lines
But there's so much U can find
Groovin' in the mellow mellow of my mind
Baby, baby, mellow, mellow of my mind
Psychedelia, big sound, big sound, mellow, mellow
Groovin' in the mellow, mellow, mellow

I wanna get lost in the composition of U
Learn the rhythm and play the only note U want me 2
I'm a good learner and once I understand
I'll stand under U and let U show me how U want your man 2 be

Anything U desire, shall I shed my attire?
Shower, my flower?
So much 2 do, so little time
Choose wisely, U can find me
In the mellow of your mind

Come on get lost in the mellow mellow of my mind
Come on get lost in the mellow mellow

Can I sing 2 U while U bring yourself 2 joy?
I'll go slow at first, while U quench your thirst
Wet circle around the toy
While U bring yourself 2 joy

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Writer(s): Dominic Joseph Greensmith, John David Bessant, Gary Paul Stringer, Prince Rogers Nelson, Kenwyn John House
Copyright: Controversy Music, Reef Music Limited
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