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Kids song - JUICE BOX lyrics

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We want a juice box! A juicy juice box!
Not your everyday ordinary juice box!
We want a treat so sweet that every kid we meet
Lines up for two blocks. We want a juice box!

Verse 1
They want a juice box, they want to have a sip
They're saying, "you rock"! But I ain't having it
I've heard it all before. No, this ain't nothing new
You say what's up with me, I say what's up with you?
I hear you begging! What? With your puppy dog eyes
You better step it up, you better recognize
You want to quench your thirst, you better get in line
I saw that juice box first, and you're not getting mine


Verse 2
They want a juice juice! A juicy juice juice!
They wanna get some of that fruity tooty! Choo choo!
I got my bendy straw. No, I don't need a cup
I put my straw into that box, and then I drink it up
I got that fruity punch, you wish I had a bunch
So I could give all of you kids a bit of what you want
You better ask your mom, so don't be hating me
And maybe next time you can sip your juice next to me


Orange, cherry, grape. We think they all taste great
Yeah, we really like fruit punch, and all the flavors of the month
There's apple, and there's peach, and there's kiwi strawberry
So many it's hard to choose, it's a treat we can't refuse


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