Sea Grave lyrics

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Polkadot Cadaver lyrics : "Sea Grave"

You pass me as you're sinking.

I fight the waves, you dig my grave into the ocean floor.
A fragile mind capsized, and blinded by your paramour.

I'm rising with the bends.

Contempt, growing like moss at the tip of my tongue.
By guess, and by God. For all and ever more.

Flashbacks of a love lost cast out to sea,
Treasured hearts broken, pieces rain down on me.
Surging moon as our worlds collide,

A king is born in starry skies,
And now, I'm slowly, quietly, drifting away.

Set adrift the swollen vessel.

Immortal in the current pull, far from the doldroms.
Static ignites a foul berth in the sacred space between us.

Now, the light has faded into who I used to be.
Memories and echoes forever haunting me.

You speak to me in a whisper from your heavenly hideaway,
In a violent sea of skeletons, overboard and tumbling in.
Reach your hand down from the clouds,

And hold my head under the water.

Apathy stands the test of time

When leaving no one behind.

Poseidon ignored, like a voice from within.

An oracle's warning, the salt on my skin.
Deadly sea creatures begin closing in;
The octopus, electric eel, the shark and the squid.

Hanging from a rope to mend the devil,
As rolling thunder scrapes across my back.
A piercing stare from my weathered eyes,

And without hesitation, I begin my attack!

Until today, a bloodless existence.

But now, the waves roll over red.
In this odyssey, the enemy will suffer.
For, the first to attack is the last to be dead.

Opus dei,
There will be no other way.

In the ancient order of the deep,
I rock the maritime to sleep.

Until returning on my dying day,
Empty, this sea grave shall stay.

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