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He Sing "Cant Be Wit Out You"

Say Lady You Gotta Feel The Rush Ay [x2]

[Pleaure P:]
You Lay down On The Couch Kissen Me From Head To Toe You Breathin Hard Like Your Oxygen is Cuttin Low I Grab My Bare Dick And In My Skin We Feelin Good Im Lickin Round Your Nipple Dick Harder Than Some Wood I Started Suckin On Your Belly Button Wit Some Ice Say ooh Yea Baby Girl I know You Feelin Nice Say Feel The Rush Feel The Rush for Lovin You And Me We Feelin Good Like We Trippin Off Dat X-Ta-C Say Feel The Rush Feel The Rush When Lovin You An Me We Feelin Good Like We Trippen Off That X-Ta-C

[Pleasure P:]
You Gotta Feel The Rush From Off my Touch Give Me 1 Kiss Got My Dick Standin Up You Dont Want To Do It All Night You Out Of Luck I Want To Make Love Have Sex And Fuck and we can Do It All Night Wit Out The Lights If Its Tight Dont Worry I Will Make It Right Its Like We Flowin Off Da X-Ta-C High As A Kite I Dont Eat Pussy Girl But I Might Tonight I Wanna Hit You From Da Front And Behind We Can Do It Any Where Whateva On Your Mind Just Sit Back An Recline Its My Time To Shine Make You Come 1st Girl Before I Get Mine You Need To Let Me Now Whats Yo Fantasy I`ll Fulfull Every Need That You Plan To See Its Alright If I Aint Yo Man To Be But I Promise Girl Keep It Between You An Me Yo U Need To A...

[Pleasure P:]
Say Nomore Playin Tounge Out Playin Wit Yo Click You Scream My Name Say Marcus Please Give Me Dick I Dont Wanna Rush Baby Girl Lets Move It Slow We Hit It In 4 Play As We Walk Through The Door ooh Baby ooh Baby you Baby Got Me Feelin Good Say Feel The Rush Feel The Rush Comin From My Wood!

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