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Sheela-Na-Gig lyrics

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Pj Harvey lyrics : "Sheela-Na-Gig"

been trying to show you over and over
look at these,
my child-bearing hips
look at these, my ruby-red ruby lips
look at these, my work strong-arms
you've got to see my bottle full of charm
lay it all at your feet
you turn around and say back to me
he said
sheela-na-gig, you exhibitionist

better wash that man right out of my hair
-"just like the first time, said you didn't care"
-"heard it before, no more"
-"turn the corner, another one there "
-"heard it before"

he said
sheela-na-gig, you exhibitionist
put money in your idle hole he said
"wash your breasts, i don't want to be
unclean" he said
"please take those dirty pillows away from me"

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