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Ghost hamster lyrics

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PARRY GRIPP lyrics : "Ghost hamster"

Ghost Hamster...

Late in the night, while the world sleeps
You might hear a tiny distant wheel squeak
And into the room of some boy or girl
Pops a Habitrail tube from the nether world...

Then comes a specter from beyond the pale
A fuzzy apparition, with a cute little tail
His fog filled, haunted cage is lined
With an old newspaper from 1989...

Listen young friends, for what I say is true
You must treat your pet hamster as you would have him treat you
Or fear that one day you'll hear a ghostly voice exclaim,
"wooo...someone forgot to clean my cage..."

Ghost Ghost Ghost Ghost Ghost Ghost Hamster
" water botttle is empty..."

"won't somebody pet me? ... wooo"

Ghost Hamster...

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