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legacy lyrics

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PAPA ROACH lyrics : "legacy"

Dead president, f**k the president
Mansons strive for power while I work to save my residents
he owns you even though he never told you
mark of the beast on ya hand now he owns you
thrown down to the bottom level
ruled by the fist and the fist is the devil
I medamorphisize and make myself level
we are the future we are right now right now
I'm taking a stab at the sick, sick, sick
I know what evil is and evil could suck my dick
like sam hain and god ain't no joke
ya better watch ya neck cause ya might get choked
I'm dodgin arrows from the dark side everyday
and I'm a main target cause of what I say
I'm dodgin arrows from the dark side everyday
you sink we swim we rise you fall we met our fate together
I was here from the start and I'll be here in the end legacy

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Writer(s): van Morrison, Jacoby Shaddix, Jerry Allan Horton, Dave Buckner, Tobin Esperance
Copyright: Viva La Cucaracha Music, Caledonia Soul Music, WB Music Corp., BMG Rights Management (Ireland) Ltd.
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