TapeDeck Blues lyrics

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OUTASIGHT lyrics : "TapeDeck Blues"

another case of the tapedeck blues,
a sad old song that reminds me of you
i don't want to think about ya
don't want to hear about ya
but i know I'mma Turn It Up.

when i was just a young man
i sat alone with a pen and a notepad
hearing every song i could get my hands on
dreamin bout two turntables and a microphone
when i had my first crush
it was santeria, chocolate pecan deluxe
every single chord brought me right back to us
somethings never change see im always in love

puttin together that mixtape
all kinda styles didn't wanna make a mistake
trying to show off, maybe show ya i'm cool
a band you never heard of,
a jam to dance to
a couple hip hop bangers you can blast with your crew
when your rolling down ya windows as the sun peaks through
now i every time i play em
it reminds me of you
i guess you could say i got that tapedeck blues.

and as the years keep goin
the faces change but this feelin i'm knowing
like the back of my hand
so wherever i'm goin
still stayin fly like a mother fuckin being
that's not usually my style
the music made me do it, don't put me on trial
trying to lighten up the mood, maybe make you a smile
here we go again, don't turn that dial.

puttin together that playlist
something out the ordinary
that makes you raise it, up
whether it's boomin in your jeep
or your 2 door civic on the way to jones beach
got a cooler full of ice with coronas underneath
trying to clear my mind or chill out at least
but i every time i play em it reminds me of you
i guess you could say i got that tape deck blues.

and every single time you decide to hit play
hope your memory serves you well
and brings you back to me

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