Open Up Your Heart lyrics

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OUT OF EDEN lyrics : "Open Up Your Heart"

I can see that you are lost, I've come to find you
Even though you chose to leave and go your way
You thought you'd find more than what I could give you

So I let you go, still I want you to know
I've seen you struggle, I've seen you crying
Seen you do those things you swore you would never do

Your guilty soul has got you slowly dying
What you're running from, you should run to

Open up your heart to me, and I will set you free
OPen up your eyes and see, I'm everything you need

OPen up your mind and know, I'll never let you go
It won't be hard for you to believe if you open up your
heart to me

YOu turn here and there for the things to to make you happy
YOu're on a high but then you crash when those things tear

you apart
Your broken heart needs my love that's real, and you will

A touch from heaven is what will heal, that touch is mine
You can start again if you....

And if yours does fail you, you will find your strength in me
If you fall or lose your place you'll still be safe with

Come out of the darkness into light so you can see
I died for you, you must believe, and open up your heart

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