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Liveloud lyrics

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OUR GOD lyrics : "Liveloud"

Verse 1:
Our God is love and light
In Him I gained new life
His mercy saved my soul
My night turned into day
Our God is love and light

Verse 2:
Our God is peace and joy
He heals the sick and feeble
His voice that whispers hope
Amidst thunders and storms
Our God is peace and joy

We raise Your name above all else
Your kingdom come in all the earth
As one in faith to You we cry
We sing on high "Lord Jesus Christ"

Verse 3:
No scale can measure His grace
We're blessed with all His ways
Above my sins and fears
Beyond what's known to fade
Our God, His love remains


Verse 4:
Our God is now and then
I rest my past in His mighty hands
With all that's broken in me
In His live I'm restored
With Our God forevermore
Our God forevermore

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