The Second Flame lyrics

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Omnium Gatherum lyrics : "The Second Flame"

You grow
In a maze of evolution
Bout you don't know
The right part to heal
It won't be your flesh
Despite you need it
Or the intellect
The one from where you
Feed it
Just keep appearing inside
Higher is deeper

In a soft, warm and natural light
Trying to keep it clean
To keep it clean
To make it last the fight (like a knight)
And I will be the one who kneels alone
I'll be the one
And they will be the ones

The 2nd flame
Burns brighter at the end of the day

You flow
In a haze of this illusion
But you don't know
Which part to feel
Be it in your bodies?
'Cause you need 'em
Or the intellect?
The one from where you
Feed 'em
Just keep appealing inside
Higher is deeper

And it was kind of like love
Then grew a-part

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