OFWGKTA lyrics : "Drop"

Tell your bitch stop complaining bout her achey tits
A body is a temple - i don't give a f**k; i'm atheist
make me stop, make me bitch
she mad because i taped the shit and sent the tape to ace and taco
helped some f**kin bait to it
Master master, pretty bitch bashed ya
black and white bitch, mixed like she moo and chew grass
In some concern i like the shit
I guess i kind of like my bitch
if she wasn't a dyke motorcyclist with ???
Wolf Gang on that drive without a license shit
On that take Shake and Meka and X and f**kin slice them shits
Oh how nice, now you wanna say you like the shit
because you're bruised up, you're neck's sliced and i ain't icin shit
Show me a rapper my age that say he nice as this and i'll show you a faggot that say he hates barbara streisand flicks
Me and Berm swervin in the jeep
I'm a nice guy in person but a pervert in the sheets
and i'm magic with the words, murder merlin over beats
make the competition kiss the f**kin curb and then they weep and then they drop
The lambs get silenced and the fans get violent
Droppin lines groggy like the hands of Odd Thomas
f**kin' awesome arsenal of wolves in the pack I travel in
The battle ram, ramming them, rats get to tattling
limbs swingin axes at you antonyms of savages
and prayin that it damages
your hobby's what my passion is
f**k that faggot shit, my niggers on that savage shit
f**kin the game and shoving daggers through the ass of it
I said, f**k that faggot shit, my niggers on that savage shit
f**kin the game and shoving daggers through the ass of it
Moving on to a Jessica, planning to make a mess of her
after a couple drinks and a session of anal sex with her
like "Hey there, intestines, my cock is erect, next to ya"
We the shit like what you make, them niggas still ain't fresh as us

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