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OF MONTREAL lyrics : "jacques lamure"

Jacques Lamure is a
volunteer fireman
He longs to give his life

Saving a nice old man and his wife
When their house is
filled with flames

Earning him honor and fame

Jacques Lamure is a foreman
at a clock factory
He wishes he were boss

So he could fire that scoundrel William Moss
Who always puts him down
When Megan Blanchard is around

He told himself last year

that when springtime was here
He would suddenly appear at Meg's door
He'd rent a mariachi band and respectfully demand

His dear Meg to take his hand
And to be his forever more
But of course he didn't dare

and pretended not to care

About the insult or the loss
When he found out she'd married William Moss

Jacques Lamure goes to see a show
every other Friday night

He likes the westerns best
He'd rather be a sheriff with a gold star on his chest
Than that weird guy who never says a word

And when spoken to pretends he hadn't heard

He realized one day that he didn't have to stay
That he could move as far away as planes could fly
He chuckled as he mused

About the people who had rused him
And how shocked and confused that they would be
When he says goodbye and never turns around

Never returns to that miserable town

Then as weeks passed he soon did find
This move had greatly improved his state of mind

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