Hallowe'en Sights lyrics

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NURSERY RHYMES lyrics : "Hallowe'en Sights"

Witches on broomsticks
With cats and bats
Ride 'round after dark
In their pointed black hats.
How spooky are the noises
On Hallowe'en night,
And then through the window
We see a strange light.
Bright staring eyes
And a glowing nose;
I sit close to Daddy
And curl up my toes.
It's old Jack-o'lantern,
He peeks in the room,
A worse looking spook
Than a witch on a broom.
Hallowe'en night
Can be lots of fun,
But somehow I'm glad
When it's over and done.
It's good to have Daddy
To kiss me good-night,
And know that the spooksters
Have all taken flight.

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