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Khwaab lyrics

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Niraj Chag lyrics : "Khwaab"

Feat. Swati Natekar

Verse 1
There was a season when my steps were unwavering
Within me was this ocean
That would repair and cure me of all my pains
But at the passing of time
I am no longer certain of my hearts integrity
The days of my youth
Now only an abstract memory

Is my essence just a delusion?
How long do I submit to such a night
Where dreams are shattered
And mine forsake me
My silent cries reveal the stains of my memory

Verse 2:
Everything is fragmented its falling apart
Yet perfectly connected, attached, aligned in my heart
A collage of hopes I had commissioned from within
Were denied me and blotted out
They cannot understand my lifes journey
So I alone must complete it

Middle 8:
Disconnected from my thoughts
Disconnected from my dreams
This life
This road in silent suffering I must travel

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Writer(s): Niraj Chag
Copyright: Stop Drop And Roll Limited
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