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I Can´t Make This Movie lyrics

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NINE ARTISTS lyrics : "I Can´t Make This Movie"

(Daniel Day Lewis/Guido Contini)

I can´t make this movie,
there´s no way that I´ll begin it.
I can´t bear to see the cameras roll.

The problem is the subject,
there´s no pleasant way to treat it.
Problem is the author´s lost control.

How I wish it didn´t have to be so,
but we cut the losses-starting
Now strike the set and keep it for some sideshow,
Tell the cast and crew that they can all go.

Find another genius,
I´cant be one or become one.
I can´t even tell how I´d begin.

Help Luisa, help me,
help me Mamma,
Help me someone!

Here´s a place where I have never been.
Guido out in space with no direction,
Guido at a loss for what to say,
Guido with no intervening actors,
Guido at the mercy of detractors,
Guido here alone with only Guido.

Nothing holds together,
nothing makes a bit of sense now.
Impossible to grasp or undestand.

How can I go on to watch the whole of my existence
end up being nothing that I planned?
Have I lost myself and all i wished for?
Has my life become a mindless game?

Guido, I can´t stand the name of Guido.
Guido, for Godsake!
Who is this Guido?
Guido here, with no one else but Guido...

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