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Pame Kalokairi lyrics

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NIGMA lyrics : "Pame Kalokairi"

I here I am with you;
kiss the sea;
Be a wave and take me,
go deep ..

With eyes bound,
To die for you,
on the beach ..

This summer,
how you like
and love,
I think suits me.

This summer,
came to me,
fire would put;
in all my past ..

Go go, go summer
beach day - noon
and evenings bright star,
on islands that nobody knows ..

Nothing interests us not to,
to have me by the hand,
to take the ferry,
go to other places that nobody knows us ..
The two of us,
go go, go summer ..

Something running with me,
rather I've lost,
melting beneath the sun,
I'm burning kisses ..

Sand it 's your body,
a swim the breath,
Your deep waters .. "


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