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Lathos Agapes (No Spot) ft. Helena Paparizou lyrics

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NATASSA THEODORIDOU lyrics : "Lathos Agapes (No Spot) ft. Helena Paparizou"

I do not know what happens what role does my luck
why those who give pain stick to my magnet
lean on someone but I come home

I do not know what happens because then I'm lost
Hugs to cut into pieces that feel
trap is cuddly and I then jam
without cause jam

Always know just wrong loves to entangle
walls to fall over and that I have to offer
always wrong loves live my heart for years
love you with that discolour over license sentontia
Wrong loves, loves Wrong Wrong Loves

I do not know if my mesh goes role in drama
But I can not take another salt MES 'my trauma
he that believeth in me is my miracle

I do not know if it suits me perfectly will leave
for my choice I only responsibility
tired tired I fall dinomai
dinomai at nothing to ...

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