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When Will I See Your Face Again lyrics

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NATAS lyrics : "When Will I See Your Face Again"

when will I see your face again? But
when I got my pistol in my hand .cause
you the one that's waitin on me
you the one that's hatin on me
you the one _?_ on me
you the one forsakin on me

Well uh, can you rock that shit?
(I can rock that shit)
This how they rock that shit
(That's how they rock that shit?)
Well how you rock that shit?
(I rock my shit like this)
This how we rock OUR shit
(Lemme rock that bitch.)

I'ma rock that, drop that, pop that balloon
Your head is too big for your shoulders, boom
It's over, it ain't good to know ya
don't make me search the whole fuckin hood for ya
can't even hide out, rats can't escape the trap
don't make us wild out with bats and gats on fake macks
they all see-thru
Don't let Themindzi peep you
Gettin exposed with some ho's it ain't nothin to be fool
It's on now forever
I ain't foolin with ya
I die never
I'm in your future nigga
All y'all can get it dawg fuck who's with ya
That's the game, there's a winner and a loser, nigga..

How can I make you understand?
How can I kill another man?
Blood's on my hands, Ballerz envy
I see the animosity....In your eyes
Enemies pray for my demise
I'm gonna fly into the skies
And when I die the sun will rise

Yo, I rock that shit
whether that rap shit or crack shit
master that shit, serve that shit, raw
never whip my shit with a Blood or Crip
BG's or GD's, vice lords just rock that shit for me
gang bang or crack slang do your thang
Whatever it is just let your nuts hang!

Swerve with me smoke some herb with me
Get shot up in a Suburban with me, die superb with me
And that's how real it'd be when you rollin through my city
With me cauze niggaz be straight-up hatin on me
a G' I'm never fakin to be
Get some cociana flake and bake a cookie with me
Bake a cookie with me
Bake a cookie with me
Get some cociana flake and bake a cookie with me

I rock that Acid Rap shit
That quick-to-bust-a-cap shit
That get-out-the-line,-smack-you-up shit
Quick bitch, I rock that shit hard
But I don't need no fuckin guitar
No weapon needed
I'll run you over in my exotic sports car, ghetto superstar
Underground masta
When I'm finished whooping on your ass
"do you know who did this to you?" is all they fuckin ask ya!

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