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Equestria Girls lyrics

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MY LITTLE PONY lyrics : "Equestria Girls"

OOOh! This is my jam!

There is a place
Where the grass is what's for dinner
Charmed, fun, and wild
There must be something in the water.
Sipping rainbow juice
Talking Elements of Harmony
Our Bronies hang out too

Spike Dogg:
...Come on, Bronies!...


Cause they know we're awesome fillies

Spike Dogg:

...Come on, everypony...

You could travel the world
But no one can groove like the girls with the hooves. Once you party with ponies
You'll be seeing Rainbooms Oohh ooh Oohhh


Equestria girls, we're kinda magical
Boots on hooves, bikinis on top
Furry coats, so cute
We'll blow your mind
Aaaah ah, aaaahh!

Equestria girls, we're pony-fabulous
Fast, fine, fierce, we trot 'til we drop
Cutie marks represent (Cutie marks!)
Now put your hooves up

Spike Dogg:

...put your hooves in the air...

Aaahhh ah aaahh

Spike Dogg:
...Break it down, DJ P0N-3...

...These are the ponies I love the most I wish you could all be Equestria girls...

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