The Worst Part lyrics

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MOTION CITY SOUNDTRACK lyrics : "The Worst Part"

The worst part,
Every hour of every day
Can you hear them?
There's no escape

But the truth is
There's a line that we all cross
I've been crossed out
We all get crossed out

All the same sad lives
All the love that disappears
We are aching bones
And wasted years

We are few regrets
Sing of forever and alone
In a sinking ship and a haunted home.

Out of the blue out into the lonliest place that you've ever known.
I carried the world just as far as I could but the damage had taken it's toll.

You used to call my name
Every hour of every day
How I lived to hear it sound
But every sound gets washed away
We wash away

I wrote her a letter, a letter to write from the start

I married the madness that left me alone in the dark.

Wrote down in her letter "ill shiver without you tonight"
I did everything right, I did everything I thought was right...

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