Who owns my heart lyrics

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Miley Cyrus lyrics : "Who owns my heart"

Who owns my heart?
(Creation shows me what to do im dancing on the floor
with you.
And when you touch my head i go crazy yeaaa)
The music tells me what to feel like you now but is it real by the time we say goodnight ill know if this is right.And i feel you (FEEL YOU) comin threw my veins am i into you or is the music to blame? who owns my heart is it love or is it art cause the way you got your body moving got me confusing i can tell if its the beat of sparks .......

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Writer(s): Cameron Thomaz, Timothy James, Katy Perry, Antonina Armato, Tim James, Miley Cyrus, Max Martin, Devrim Karaoglu
Copyright: Downtown Music Publishing LLC, Each Note Counts, Tondolea Lane Music Publishing, When I'M Rich You'Ll Be My Bitch, Pgh Sound, Seven Summits Music, In The Mouth Of The Wolf Publishing, Mxm Music AB, Prescription Songs, WB Music Corp.
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