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Ambiguous lyrics

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Mike Posner lyrics : "Ambiguous"

She loves me she loves me not
I can't tell if she's down or not
Oh you like me?
What the hell does that mean?
Don't be so ambiguous girl
Don't be so ambiguous girl
Are we gonna fuck or not?[Verse 1 - Mike Posner]
Maybe I'm just dumb
But I can't read the signals that you're givin'
And I can never tell
If you're looking at me or Clinton
Is this the way that you talk to every guy that you meet?
Or do you wanna come back and stay up
All night all night all night with me?[Hook][Verse 2 - Big Sean]
Baby what's your favorite drinks?
I think I'mma buy a round of 'em all
I'm rollin' up the bestest
Come help me blow a pound of it all
I'm on that up-upper echelon
You should climb up and be down with it all
Come here cause we go hand in
Like (*clap clap clap*) round of applause
Showtime bitch action
I think it's time for that night scene
She go to sleep and dream about my sex
I guess it's a pipe dream
28 but I make her feel like she 19
Tryna stick around like wifey
But I send her home in my white T like
"Bye"[Hook][Verse 3 - Clinton Sparks]
Now every time I see this girl
She be askin' all type of shit
Where is it I'm going to
And who is it I'm hanging with?
Can't ever tell if she into me
Or just wanna be a friend to me
Mixed signals she's sending me
Late night at the club drunk texted me
Like "Can I come over your house?"
Okay but can I come over your mouth?
Smiley face LOL
Back and forth I can't tell
Without being conspicuous
So (don't be so ambiguous girl)[Hook]

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