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i am a chorus of the voices
that gather up the magnets
set before me

i attract you and repel you
a science of the heart
and blood and meaning

the coldness of most beauties
is a challenge that our youth
must quickly conquer

there is no time for guilt
or second guessing, second guessing
based on feeling

i am the truth, the beauty
that causes you to cross
your sacred boundaries

i have no morals
some think me cheap
and someone who despises
the normalcy of heartbreak
the purity of love

but i worship the young
and just formed angel

who sits upon the pin of lust
everything else
bores me

i want to see your suicide
i want to see you give it up
your life of reason
i want you on the floor
and in a coffin your soul shaking
i want to have you doubting
every meaning you've amassed
like a fortune

oh throw it away

for worship someone
who actively despises you

for worship someone
who actively despises you

i am the root
i am the progress

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Writer(s): James Alan Hetfield, Kirk L. Hammett, Lou Reed, Lars Ulrich, Robert Trujillo
Copyright: Lou Reed Music, Creeping Death Music
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