The Sea lyrics

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MELANIE C lyrics : "The Sea"

I'm so gone
Never coming back
Moving on

I am over that

And I hate to see you dressed in black

But you never did love anyone but yourself
You can follow me with your list
of things

I'll never be
I was yours ? Ha!
It's funny see, how you lost? me

Because it was all about you
It was all about you

It was all about you
You and yourself
It was all about you

You and what's on your mind
You take up all your time
You are the first in line

You and yourself

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Writer(s): Ash Frances Howes, Melanie Chisholm, Seton Daunt, Richard Stannard
Copyright: Major 3rd, Sony/ATV Music Publishing (Uk) Limited, Red Girl Productions Ltd., Peer Music Uk, Major 3rd Music Limited
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