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Answer (Happy Valentine's Day!) lyrics

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MEGURINE LUKA lyrics : "Answer (Happy Valentine's Day!)"

It's been years since I thought about it.
Looking back, it's hard to recall it.
It's strange how things unwind.
And then how time's so kind.
Left that town that you still live in now.
Left that future that we had both vowed.
But now it fades to white.
The sunlight fills the world, shining bright.

The clock that had frozen, its hands begin to move again.
It's telling me I should move on.
The sadness that I felt will never come back 'round again.
The rain falls down. And it's time to move along.

It's funny how you are still with me though I've gone away.
There's a place in my heart that aches even today.
And though we are apart, I still hear your voice inside my heart.
My name on your lips sounds like a work of art.
You were the thorn in my side so I left you behind.
But I still feel it twisting and burning in my mind.
My love is still there. And my heartbreak is my cross to bear.
But nothing's gonna stop me as I start to repair.

I haven't regrets or a doubt. But I find myself thinking about
The kind of world I would be in if things had just worked out.

Think it's time I fell back into love.
Think it's time to give my heart a small shove.
One that would work out well.
As far as I could tell.
The storm has passed and rain has subsided.
Now I'm ready to have finally decided.
My broken heart has healed.
My lips, I think, have been unsealed.

But still I've gotta wonder why when the seasons start to change,
I can't help but to say your name.
But though you're on my mind I will not return to that time.
Because I love who I became.

I know in my heart you will always have a part of me.
And though you're still here that won't change what I will be.
I will be happy. And I swear I'll learn to laugh again.
Much louder than you and I would do back then.
It took so long for my soul to begin to mend.
But beautiful things always come from tragic ends.
I'll always love you and I've found the strength not to pretend.
Although I've moved on, we'll always just be friends.

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