MAYLEE TODD lyrics : "Baby's Got It"

Ya you got it good and for how long
The love you give to me is good and strong
Your touch, your taste, your smile, come bring it back
My heart, my head, my loves under attack.

You know my baby's got it
I see my body rocks it

Oh I cannot take it how your body moves
and how you work your hands
The way your body moves it grooves
It shows me how to rock like a man.

See my love for you is growing strong
If it feels so right why is this wrong
Take your time, cause time is no concern.
Teach me things I am willing to learn.

You know my baby's got it
I see my body rocks it

See only sweet heaven knows my heart
It grooves me
And only sweet heaven from the start
Can move me
And when the sweet morning breaks the day
Come soothe me
So let us begin don't ever stray
Don't loose me

Heaven only knew that it was coming back to you alright

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