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Call Me Maybe lyrics

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MATTY B lyrics : "Call Me Maybe"

We met this rapper online
Hes so adorable, hes nine
Yeah back up ladies hes mine,
Youre getting my way
He makes good videos too
Invite him out to our shoot
His older brother is cute
Still getting in my way

I love this lip gloss!
Hey, thats the one that I bought
Look, I can't tell from this spot
Where you think youre going...
Pinch me

Hey we just met you
And this is crazy
Youre so adorable

Thanks, but Im not a baby

I bet all the other girls,
Try to chase you!
Look how precious

Thats nice but Im not a baby
Hey I just met you
And theyre all crazy
I like your hat though

Thanks, its Mattybaby!

Im used to all the girls, so
It don't phase me
Lets take a picture
Say cheese, Matty baby

Im like yo, even though Im not grown up big
I wanna do me, do me can I live?
My soul thats for, not you wanna play with me
I mean

Hey Matty, need a friend?

Thats cool, Im just trying to clean my head
This raps the last style I got live
I can see e going big go on tour
Youd win the cuteness award
Umm, hey were talking
Yes, thats why were stalking
Lets go
And were walking
This is going on youtube
I give up!
Wait, we just met you
And this is crazy
I dig this enthusiasm ladies
But Im not a baby

And all of my friends
Think youre amazing
So do you have a girlfriend?
DANI Hes just a baby!

Look! I just met you all
And youre very crazy
I know right
So heres my number, so call me maybe!
And all of us girls
Drive me crazy
Think youre the cutest
Teenage crazy town
Before he came into our lives we missed him so bad
We missed him so bad
I missed him so bad!
I guess theyll never realize but they should know that
That leave no flat
Hey can we wear your hat?

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