Crack The Skye lyrics

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Mastodon lyrics : "Crack The Skye"

Blessed visionary cut me with your sun
The rivers ran in blood
Spark fueled to fire

Deep withing the endless void
Searching for a sign

The vessel forged inside me
Watches over like the death
Of the moon

Strike the shepherd
Sheep will scatter
Mountains of despair

I can see the pain
It is written all over your face
The screaming arrows tear through my soul

In the dawn your face is haunting
White ghostly dreams

Weight of worlds is on your shoulders
Hear the voice of gold
I can see the pain

It's written all over your face

Desperate heathens flock to sirens

Guard your heartache well
Momma don't let them take her
Don't let them take her down

Please tell Lucifer he can't have this one
Her spirits too strong

I can see the pain
It's written all over your face
I can see the pain

You can make it all go away

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Writer(s): Troy Jayson Sanders, William Breen Kelliher, Brann Timothy Dailor, William Brent Hinds
Copyright: Trampled Under Hoof Music Inc., Chrysalis Songs
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