Reflections (I Remember) lyrics

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MARY J. BLIGE lyrics : "Reflections (I Remember)"

I remember [x7]

[Verse 1:]
Back before
The record deal

And the cars
And the cribs
And the way

That things
Took off
I was signin'

At Lucy's
On 1-25th
Just tryin'

My best
To get on
Back when

Me and Puff
And B.I.G.
Was kids

And I knew
I was young

And tough
And fresh in love
And it was

All a dream
Signing a contract
No guiding light

Just hopin' I
I can get out
The projects

And get my
Family right
'Cause they

Were my life
In Red Zones
In Bentley's

You can
Catch me
Tryna do me

I was jaded
On the block
I coulda faded

On the block
But I made it
Off the block

And I


I remember
Back when
I didn't know

Which way
To live
I remember

Back when
Pain was
All I had

To give
The reflections
Of my life

I see the
Lessons that I've learned
And now I know

Heartbreak don't exist
When it's been
Torn apart

By love

[Verse 2:]

I use to
Throw a fit
I use

To shed
A doubt
And blame it
On a man
But that

Was Mary than
And this is
Mary now
You gotta understand
It's about

How we
Respect ourselves
And the men
Have no control
Of our self-esteem

And when
We see that
Then we can
Let go


Now I made
Some mistakes
I lost some

Friends along
The way
But I don't
Carry it
'Cause it
Made me
A better chick

Its my life
And I know
That there's
More for
Me to see
I may not be
What I'm

Suppose to
But I can
Tell you right now
I ain't what
I use to be


I remember [x7]

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Writer(s): Mary J. Blige
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