Keep Your Head lyrics

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MARY J. BLIGE lyrics : "Keep Your Head"

[Verse 1:]
The day seems so very long
But I'm trying to be strong

(Trying to be strong)
Well, hold on, I say
Things will soon turn my way

And then I'll have a clear view
But I gotta keep

Keep your head to the sky
I don't need to tell you why

Keep your head to the sky
I don't need to tell you why

[Verse 2:]
I sometimes get worried
And I wonder why I worry

Cause I know that I will make it through the storm
I'm tryin not to lose my cool
Because if in this world I do

The only person that's gonna miss out on everything is me
And I gotta keep


oooh, ooh

oh, ooh, oh
Keep your head up
Don't you look down for nobody

Don't you do it, don't you do it
Keep your head


Everyday's a struggle

But struggling to be
Is very hard, so very hard
Because I'm out here trying to do the right thing

And when I look around here's the wrong thing
Tempting me to make me disagree
About how I feel about me

But I gotta keep


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Writer(s): George Pearson, Jean-Claude Olivier, la Tonya Blige, Samuel Barnes, Mary J. Blige
Copyright: Mary J. Blige Music, Jelly'S Jams LLC, Jumping Bean Songs LLC, D. Rat Publishing, MCA Music Publishing A.D.O. Universal S, WB Music Corp.
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