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MARY J. BLIGE lyrics : "Don't Go"

Baby don't go
Baby don't go
Baby don't go

Don't leave me, leave me, leave me

Don't go, don't go
Don't leave me, leave me, leave me
I love you so


[Verse 1]

I've been hurt before
Stay around for a while
Let's work it out

Let's try to make it happen
Don't do the things
That other guys did

To hurt me
They make me cry
Break my heart, oh why?

I know you're a busy man

But you don't understand
How it feels to be alone
When times get hard and

I want to feel your
Sweet and tender touch
That's all I'm askin' baby

Cause I never asked for much
Oh, ohhh


This may be a fantasy

That I dream of baby
Time and time again
I knew that we would be

More than friends
I gave you my heart
And all of my time

But now you're actin shady
Is it all in my mind?



Don't leave, don't leave
Don't leave me alone

I wanna be with you
Oh, oh, oh, Mmm, yeah oh oh oh
I wanna be with you

Yes I do, yes I do

You've got my heart boy (you've got my heart)

You are the only one (Oh, you're the only, only one)
If I can't be with you (if I can't be)
I don't know what to do (I don't know what to do)


You've got my heart

[Repeat 4x]

I wanna be your everything

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