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MARY J BLIGE lyrics : "What's The 411?"

(feat. Grand Puba)


What's the 411, hun?
What's the 411, hun?
I got it goin on, hun

A yo, I got it goin on, hun

What's the 411, hun?

What's the 411, hun?
I got it goin on
A yo, I got it goin on, hun

[Verse 1 - Grand Puba]
Well, I be Puba on this here

The ^!$$% from last year
Girbaud's hanging baggy
Tommy Hilfiger top gear

Take no shorts
I'm doin lovely in all sports
Even swing the pole at the hole on my golf course

Some say I'm fancy
Cause I'm ^^&$#* and nasty
If I see some rugged joint

Then I won't let it pass me
I take no shorts
Let suckas step up and see

I'll flip the script and get harder than Jepoardy
I shot the sherif and the mutha$#[email protected] deputy
Test me

Check it
I'm not Keith Sweat but bet that $$#
That I can make it last

Skinz turn they head so fast
They end up catching whip lash
If hun's a monster

I'm Carl Lewis on a meter dash
It's Grand Puba baby
And I'm gettin crazy cash

What's the 411? Let me know, hun
What's the 411?


[Verse 2 - Mary J. Blige]

Yeah, nig, what makes you different from the next ^!$$%
Seen you last week
And you couldn't even speak

You try to play like Mr. All-of-that
But now you wanna come to me with some chit-chat
I don't have no time for no wham-bam thank you, ma'am

Ghas me up, get me drunk and hit the the skinz and scram
The same ol' %#@! you pulled last week on Pam
I'm not havin that, No I'm not havin that

You gotta do alot more and that's just how it be
I'm Mary Blige and you just aint runnin up in me
I need a man who's lookin out with some security

So come correct with some respect and then we will see
So if you with it, the drop the 7 digits
And I might just give you a call

If you aint with it, then don't waste you time at all
So what's the 411, hun?

M All my love is all I have
P And Grand Puba's very special

M All my life I look for you
P And today your dreams come true
M You need me and I need you

P Grand Puba is very special
M Things just seem to do devine
P This is how the two combine

M I know this love was meant to be
P Mary Blige is something kinda special
M Love is life and life is living

You're very special

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