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here we go ,here we go again. and now you're tellin me that she is just a friend. and now she's callin you at 3 o'clock in the morning(i can't take this no more). here we go, here we go again. and now you're tellin me that she is just a friend and now she's callin you at 3 o'clock in the morning(i ain't tryin to hear it, not this time)

what you think this is? you treat me like a random chick? you done forgot who introduced you to ROCK, AND BE POPPIN ALL THAT CRIMSON SHIT. who let you hit it from the back any way that you liked? and any DECK,i can pay the price. I thought I was a chick you would make your wife, but now a nigga can't even stay the night (you wack). I can't even look at your face without wantin to slap you. damn I thankGod I ain't get that tattoo. you better thank God I ain't have a strap boo. you ain't even worth A TRICK I THREW AT YOU. matter fact, SHIT get out dude. i'm the best I ain't shit to ask you. tell that triflin bitch she can have you cuz I ain't lookin at you no more, i'm lookin past you.


when my girl came through with the news, all I did was think of me and you like damn (damn). what a chick gotta do to get with a real nigga that know how to stay true like man(man) know what, quartar to 8 you betta hop on the bus or a cabby. I shed so many tears, can't believe how many years the baddest bitch put with yo dusty ass(yeah). now you know that i'm the Queen of Miami. all that loud talkin, lyin, save that shit for your mami. it sounds like, blah,blah,blah,blah,blah,blah,blah. i'm like, u huh(u huh), ok(ok), what's up(what's up?),SHUT UP!!(shut up)


now all my ladies say ( oh oh oh )
and if u feel mii say (oh oh oooooooh) if u can't no more saayy ( no no no no no nooooooooo)


grabbin up my jewels
grabbin up my purse
i'll be back for my shoes and purse
(watchin me ride) in my 745
while i'm ridin up
cuz I ain't tryin 2 hear (not dis time)

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Writer(s): Harold Lilly Jr, Andre Harris, Vidal Davis, Mary J. Blige
Copyright: Mary J. Blige Music, Lil Vidal Music, Uncle Bobby Music, Universal Music Corp., Dirty Dre Music, Emi Blackwood Music Inc.
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