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Wipe Your Eyes lyrics

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MAROON 5 lyrics : "Wipe Your Eyes"

I'm afraid that I gotta do, but I gotta do
But I I let you go where you gonna go
We gotta make it change ..
Something isn't right I don't wanna fight you
We've been through couple times you know it gets worse
We can't .. surround please let me be first
And as I feel your tears spillin on my shirt
Something isn't right I don't wanan fight you

Hey you, come on over and let me embrace you
I know that I'm causing you but pain to
Remember if you need to cry
I can wipe your eyes
And I've been fall your falling sleep
I run my thought across your cheek
Cry 'cause I'm here to wipe your eyes
I know i made you feel this pain
You gotta beat to be okay
Cry 'cause I'm here to wipe your eyes

Oh nah nah oh nah nah nah nah
'Cause I'm here to wipe your eyes
oh nah nah oh nah nah nah nah

When do we cross the line
How do we could forget
Why do we let the pressure get into our heads
Your broken heart requires all of my attention
'Cause something in your eyes I don't wanna fight


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Writer(s): Adam Levine, Mariam Doumbia, Damon Albarn, Ross Golan, Sanjeet Singh Kang, Jonathan Rotem, Marc-Antoine Moreau
Copyright: Because Ed., W.F. Leopold Management O.B.O. Shawn Kang Music, Chrysalis Music Ltd., Warner-tamerlane Publishing Corp., Sony/ATV Songs LLC, Universal Music - Careers, Reva Sons, Back In Djibouti, Universal Music-careers, Jonathan Rotem Music, Shawn Kang Music, Sony/ATV Music Publishing (France) Sas, Sudgee Music, Chrysalis Music, Warner-tamerlane, Because Editions
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