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Gremlin lyrics

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MADCHILD lyrics : "Gremlin"

[you better listen up] X 2

ay, a gremlin with gangrene is somethin to see boy,
tried to kill myself but used myself as a decoy,
you can feel the recoil, making your skin crawl,
smokin heroin chasing a dragon on tin foil,
you can see the dragon fly away from the tin foil,
i kinda miss my kinfo.
life in an insult.
ay, goodfella but im hella poor
skull bandanna, black hoody like Skeletor,
shoot a couple psychos and i turn into Great Ape
vice grips, ice picks, zap straps and grey tape.
ay, i chop em up at the pork store
stick em like a cork board
rock like the warp tour,
any white boy beat me? hardy har har!
One fourty four four nine nine thirty eigths,
im the little devil tryin to break inside the pearly gates,

each verse nuclear *bomb with atomic hook*
so much ink on my skin I'm a comic book,
pop so many pills i was seeing pink elephants, irrelevant,
ill still rip your skull from your skellaton,
drink a pepsi cola while i ride a silver surf board,
north west is mine you don't want to start a turf war,
gladiator dawg, mad child king corso,
Thor's war hammer knock your brain to your torso,
you get it? that means its honkey strong,
that means i drop this fuckin mallet like Donkey Kong,
so keep your tonsils shut,
cause i will crush a mother fucker like a monster truck,
[you better listen up] x2
I'm a heathen, a gremlin, an ogre a tyrant
Hallucinating like the mike is dipped in psyllocybin
Mad's maniacal. Motor mouth on a hot-streak
Used to shop at Gucci, now I stop at the swap meet.
I'm like Popeye eating spinach for concerts
I'm a miniature monster I will diminish and conquer
Spewing venom with the dragon of the blessed palace
I'm thinkin of a challenge drinkin from this special chalice
Soldier demons and scavengers of the damned
Passengers in my van? "A massacre is at hand!"
I let a hundred snakes loose, I'm delusional
Then dance around in space boots, I'm confusing you
Stun guns, bear traps, gangsters on cocaine
I got dragon's breath, spinning fire, and propane.
I'm sending out my surrogates,
So I can stay home, write rhymes and keep flourishin'
Hands dirty, stand sturdy with assertiveness
Every word I mutter is a murderous advertisement
"Help me!" Thant's the cry of a true looney
'Cause I feel like fucking dying, I'm crying with 2 tooneys(?)
Seven golden angels, Chemical warfare
Deadly mustard gas attacks, acid flashbacks
See, I come from the future, that's a very gloomy place
I'm the Silver Surfer and I'm wiping out the human race
You? You a plastic gangster with a pocketknife.
Me? I keep it gangster and I rock the mike.
It's Mr Mystery, a formula with infinite depth
Feel the wind from my breath
Ay! Misbehaving raving lunatic, Twelve Monkeys
Disengage a crazy moody prick, ex-junkie
Lazy-ass buffoon, but I'm crazy as a loon
Now I'm riding a flying dinosaur and waving at the moon
[you better listen up]x4

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