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Trippin' Out lyrics

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MAC MILLER lyrics : "Trippin' Out"

Louis frames hide my bloodshot eyes
My disguise from this world outside
Vivid description paint some pictures for the blind
Got me on my syrup sippin shit slowin down

I'm?headed for the shine
Trippy shit bitch just listen & rewind
Put the black light on close the blinds
Walk on the clouds turning water into wine
As I travel through your mind
Now your swimming through your thoughts
Creep outside the lines those who live within the box
Seein spots like chicken pox
So gone Michael Jordan starts missing shots
Acid, tablets down the hall wit Alice
Smilin like the cat is, water from a cactus
Snapback fallin off my head Mad Hat Shit
Got the Earth spinning off its axis
Feeling like the shit no diaper, sippin apple sider
Going back and forth like a windshield wiper
Its gon' be another all nighter

?Cause I'm trippin' out
I'm trippin' out

Got a bottle of water couple of tablets & a half a zip
Pack your bags
We goin on an acid trip
Don't mean to scare you
Just get inside the car
And the driver sayin where to?

To the top please hidden from the news and paparazzi
and wake you up like coffee
Now I'm layin' in my strawberries fields
Appeal to my senses and it seems so real
A figment of imagination, uh,
And I've heard your prior allegations
And it's true
Bitch I'm higher than you
Maybe goin schizo open up the window
Trippy like the music of Nintendo
Its all good bro' roll some endo
Lost you at the 20, But I'll see u in the endzone
I'm trippin' out

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