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끄덕여줘! (Nod along!) lyrics

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M.I.B lyrics : "끄덕여줘! (Nod along!)"

Now lean on me, my dear
Let's go back to when we first loved
Nod, nod along, please nod along and say you want me too (x2)
Come back to me ? time won't wait for us
Come back to me ? time is leaving us far away

I can't see ahead of me at the end of a long wait
The bridge between us has already broke apart
In between, in between, in between us two
You have just left your spot, it's not the end yet

It's not the end ? anyways if you wanna
I was going to leave you but my heart won't let you go easily

Sadly, it won't leave me alone
I'm not used to being alone yet
You remain as such a big lingering attachment

You will remain as a lingering attachment
You used to come out and greet me (where did you go?)
Wherever I go, your scent and your traces are there
Even if you don't tell me, I know where you are


I couldn't see anything
I couldn't spread out my skates like Kim Dong Sung at the end
With messed up excuses, stupid actions
I was happy with you but now

I'm dancing on top of a lonely tightrope with shaking eyes
The door is already tightly shut so I can't see ahead at all

But in front of the closed door, I'm only waiting for you
Without even knowing, my breath has turned rough

Out of breath, out of breath, out of breath
But I can't end things like this, let's keep going, go!

I'm like a 8-ton truck with a broken handle
Consider me once more, call me, only look at me
Doesn't matter how many times it's said (it's the same each time, I know)
But I know that only one last person will remain

Repeat (x2)

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