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Lykke Li lyrics : "Get Big"

[Verse 1 - Tyga]
Ok its too many bitches, too many niggaz hatin
Red seat racin and my car named Satan
Ray Finkle your bitch I got ya girl naked
Chrome heart hard to love easier to hate me
I fuckin hate clowns, kill em like Gacy
Burna? Yeah I pack trick like Swayze
Crazy cash bank roll roll cuckoo manie
I rep California but not like Katy
Perry, middle school ghetto girls used to chase me
Now I'm big and now they weigh me on the richter scale baby
Put ya hands down fuck opponents and opinions
All the girls love me wrap my dick up with a remy
I'm on when there's business when I'm chillin you can kick it
And my shoes are armadillos Lou Vuitton'n on you niggaz
Spizzikes, J's Air Walkin on the flizzight
Gettin head tight when ya high off in the skizzy
Attendent say I'm trippin (you don't hear the captain speakin?)
I ball all week bitch ya barely get weekends
Every show sold, promoted on Twitter
Fresher than a baby gotta stand in a acrylic
Souvenir this mothafucka high school yeah they did it
Best dressed ohh, niggaz ain't ohh
Shit to me, dear lord bring the epiphone
Then let it rain, hell flames on my enemys
Please don't, be gettin caught where you shouldn't be
Everything ain't a house party with the silly strings
Billy Blank beat the beat to the white meat
You niggaz can't see me, like mice feet
Headsprung, one dose of me'll have ya mind gone
Chasin with some Blue Ciroc now you in a cyclone
Lost in the ozone ain't ya baby
Hundred things to do before ya die lemme show ya baby
Gotta watch ya back these days
Count a million in ya face then spend it in a day
Gotta watch ya back these days
Count a million dollars than I spend it in ya face nigga

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