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Save Our City lyrics

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Ludo lyrics : "Save Our City"

Mr. Mayor, the mission burns
The zombies are marching, they close on the square
Families are cold, look down at their souls
Huddled in camps on the old marble steps of City Hall
Faith in their God, that's all they've got
Across the room, beyond the pane
The whole world is churning, bleeding and burning
Hailstorms and ash
The moon is as blood
Over the soldiers who sag in the mud

Save our city
Keep our souls, Lord
Through the rapture
Of this world

Little boy, I'm just a man
A mere civil servant, against this tyrant God
I've allied with our King, salvation he brings
Protecting the city against all the troops Heaven sent
But the dead walk again, this is the end
Oh I'm just a man, my time has come
Long live King Simius, may he deliver us
From this nightmare
And with a blast like the sun
His lips are unwrapped from the barrel of his gun


Fought and fell for our great king
We burned alive and boiled
The dragon, red and wrathful, calls
We rise and march once more
Cursed in death, we starve for flesh
Our skin is cooked and curled
We'll eat our kin and smash them in
In Hell, we'll grind their bones


Save our city
Keep our souls, Lord
Rise now and fight

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