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Puzzle lyrics

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Looptroop Rockers lyrics : "Puzzle"

Remember yesterday,
when it all seemed to be so easy think about that today
when we all seem to worry so much about tomorrow
what will follow can we pick up the pieces of the
what a hustle this life is let's cherish the love

Verse. 1 (Promoe)
To tell you the truth I hesitate
to say that it was easier yesterday
but thanks to my bad memory
I only have good memories
and all the rest is vague that's one of life's little
how something that felt like a misery
at the time but when reminiscing
we laugh like we cry even though we're not missing it
I mean the worst show in Looptroop history
only time we got stopped by security
for our own safety the crowd nearly had us lynched
cus we weren't the headliners or they had had too much
to drink
it was fucked up at the time but now it's one of the
funniest things
that's why when I think about the troop I try not to
that we miss a friend and a member
I think about the good times we had when I... -


Verse. 2 (Supreme)
I love our little home even though there's work to do
we got eachother right that's nr 1 and 2
and now you got a job and I've been working hard
baby I don't see why that would change soon Insha Allah
this is no time for doubts seems like we in our prime
I want that title bout and you handle my corner fine
so I got no complaints we got food on the table
we're ready for our first born...
you were doing good before you met me I know that for
I was a little lost but i never lost it I was searching
for your stability a reason not to get so wasted
all of this other stuff's a bonus we can replace it
with either more or less such a clich´┐Ż I guess
but that don't make us or break us I think we passed
that test
it's gonna be rough that I'll be gone 'til november
but I was home last night and I... -


Verse. 3 (Supreme & Promoe)
We're stressing out over things to come
through they're likely to never happen or never go
won't make a difference anyway that's ok
and i'm happy that it's been so good for this long.
Ee only put things in perspective
and not only do I think it's a blessing
I think it's getting close to the essence of life
I know it's my message the reason I write
I need to recite.


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