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24 Freestyle lyrics

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LOGIC lyrics : "24 Freestyle"

Featuring: C Dot Castro, Jon Bellion & Quest

[Hook: Logic]
Feeling this villainous vibe
Feeling, feeling this villainous vibe


[Verse 1: QuEst]
Chip on my shoulder, fuck is you sayin' ?
Swear to God our fathers were playing nigga relate a message
Breathless, every morning was forced to skip on breakfast
Mama told me don't let these peasants throw rocks at the king
Pawns tend to carry on with no conscience
Straight non-sense, pay homage or K's vomit, verbal
Fucker wanna know Biggie was making certain while niggas was getting iffy
Heart is bigger than derrières of Vicky and Nicki
But fuck up and diss me, this shit will 360
And must I mention my body count?
It's murderous, to be humble
Murder is to be humble?
Ever heard of me stumble?
I was born in the jungle where niggas belly's will rumble
Get checked for thinking or mumble
But y'all still stuck on rap
Fuck all that
I do this in my slumber, merely ventilation
Tryna stay afloat be on a boat shit
I swear that I'm lost inside of the spirit of Biggie back in his lumberjack
Or Nasir with the fatigue, I felt stifle, street's disciple
My raps are trifle, I shoot slugs for get the picture
I was raised in Miami, niggas'll smack your coofie
Just for acting coochie, your goofy actions'll never move me
No sir, needy no ho, my homies ready to roll
Never the matter the chitter and chatter
I did it cause I can machete the flow
And comeback, here's a force fact
I'm not a dumb act, run that
Little punk rat, fuck it, Pun's back
In the middle of Little Havana
Holding a hammer outside with pajamas
Better watch your grammar around me
These haters surround me, I swear it's unnecessary
Gambino, you childish niggas could never see the shit that I do
VMG, yes nigga VMG
Only competition that we see is TDE


Happy birthday to my nigger doe

[Verse 2: C Dot Castro]
Imma be the guy that rap slow, sike nah
Dictating bitches and smoking Cubans I'm Castro
My life is like the movie, and I'll be the director
And just to get a small role, got bitches acting extra
I wrote this verse in one minute cause Bobby said that he wants rhymes
Intelligent, but I'm getting brain from bitches that's dumb fine
Got punchlines like prom with the, world on my palm
I knew that we would blow up cause bitch we be the bomb
Rattpack out to get the cheese, drop a verse get fifty Gs
Hit the studio drunk as fuck but still drop a verse with ease
I don't give a fuck
Bitch you know the flow is second nature
With no pen and paper break it down disintegrate a hater, wassup



[Verse 3: Jon Bellion]
Let's have a money conversation
Four hundred thousand from Eminem that's a payment
Kennedy Reagans presidential arrangement
Please don't let this Pop kid take it back to the basement
I'm still here screaming Beautiful Mind
Sick of the noodles of rhyme in all my cubical grind
So I just grew and decided to put you in your spot
Ooodles and boodles of blue bags from Louis Vuitton
Getting money with lawyers we have a Jew of a time
With liquor in a Poland Spring like a Junior at prom
Yes I chose to pop charts I'm doing the crime
And that just means I'm fucking dope to you and your mom
Working in the summer, AC on freezing
Working in the winter like I got no heaters
Spring rolls at the damn four seasons
In the red October screaming thank you Yeezus


(Finish him!)

[Verse 4: Logic]
Feeling this villainous vibe
Chilling with me and my Tribe
Gotta spit this to survive
How long have I been alive?
Twenty-four years and counting not including my momma womb
I'm here in the lab, and I'll be here until the tomb
Album coming soon watch the Rattpack consume
I've been on that real shit
That fun shit
Spit artillery, like a gunship
V's up we run shit
Don't come around with that dumb shit it's scandalous
In the studio in Los Angeles
At No I.D. spot hit you with the heat rock goddamn
With Bobby on the board everybody on the floor
Hold up let me take a breath here come more
This a freestyle let me redirect my intellect
Drop this shit just for fun, it's all over the internet
Cause bitch I'm in effect
Wait hold up, y'all did get the Memo?
You Lumbergh rappers is Initech
Bitch I've been a fact
Hit you like Hiroshima then intercept
Check it yo
See now all the real fans know that the album goin be crazy
Spit it off the top and get dirty like Pat Swayze
From the cover of XXL
Fuck around and then propel
Tour coming soon man I know the tickets finna sell
Really, coming for everybody's Achilles
Put my own money into this album, like half a millie
It's Logic, coming for their neck no disrespect
I did this shit in two minutes or less
Spent a year on the album, who knows what to expect (Sinatra)
Spent a year on the album, who knows what to expect
This is Logic

(Flawless Victory)
Happy birthday to me motherfucker
It's my birthday !


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