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Money On Me lyrics

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LLOYD lyrics : "Money On Me"

Yeah, I'm spiddin'
Yeah, yeah, I'm spiddin'
That cars and pretty women,
Got a lot in common ?
I'm spiddin', yeah, yeah, I'm spiddin'.

?just like that
Money if you wish ?
?girls like you
Going my mind, shawty ?
?money on me,
?talking for me.
Talking for me baby, talking for me,
And you might be the girl like ..
?so deeply, who needs to be with
Girl you can't lose, oh
So let me show you how I feel,
?in the summer I will give you by the ?
The best part..soldier in your ?

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Writer(s): E. Money, J. Storch
Copyright: Three Wise Boys Music O.B.O. Daisylou Music
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