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When You've Got Trouble lyrics

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LIZ LONGLEY lyrics : "When You've Got Trouble"

You've been kicking in your sleep
Tossing and turning relentlessy
and I know you'd be lying if you told me you were fine

You've been screaming in your head
Swallowing the words that I know you would've said if you would just breathe

Oh my heart is tangled all around you
When you've got trouble I've got trouble too
Oh my life is arm and arm with you
When you've got trouble I've got trouble too

So what, what, what do you need?
I'll kiss you awake when you've had a bad dream
And I'll tell you a story... make it up as I go
Or I'll sing you a song that I know that you know, it goes...

Chorus repeats

You and I live like the tree and the vine
Oh my darling we're so delicately intertwined
I'll ease your pain 'cause you've eased mine

Chorus repeats

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