The Only One lyrics

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LIMP BIZKIT lyrics : "The Only One"

Hold up you're movin' too fast
I'm up for something that lasts
I ain't looking to screw on the first night

Cause that's a no go
And if the vibe's good, go to first base
' cuz the first kiss could be your last taste

I ain't looking to screw 'till the vibe's right
See I'm the only one you know

That can put you on cruise control
Yeah i'm the only one you'll find
That won't waste all my time, on nothing

Nothing, on nothing, nothing
My will is stronger than most
I will not let you get close

Until i think that you deserve me
Cause that's a no go
I'm gonna hold out, so in the meantime

Don't expect much from a strong mind
Until i think that you deserve me

I'm holdin' out, i'm gonna wait
Wanna make it past the first date
A little time then we can do

All them nasty things you want to do
Don't get me wrong just take my hand
And i really hope you understand that

It's easier when every second counts
So we'll just have to wait
It's really no big deal [x2]

I'd hate to get you in bed
Find out your empty instead
No need to knock another home run out

Cause that's a no go
And i hate to be so filthy
If we were not meant to be

No need to knock another homerun out
Nothin', on nothin', nothin'

On nothin', on nothin'

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Writer(s): Samuel Robert Rivers, Terry Balsamo, William Frederick Durst, amy lee, John Everett Otto
Copyright: Universal Music - Z Tunes LLC, Chrysalis One Music Publishing Group Ireland, Big Bizkit Music, Sweet T 666 Music, BMG Rights Management (Ireland) Ltd., Professor Screweye Publishing
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